Breaking Language Barriers
Listening Exercises
with custom illustrations and voice recordings, students are able to engage and experience English in a new manner.
Reading Exercises
made up of comprehen- sions that will interest as well as challenge each student.
Writing Exercises
each exercise has a different means of getting the student to interact with the topics.
Multiple Choice
100 questions per assessment allows for an understanding of the students knowledge of grammar.
What is Intelingo

Professional multilingual assessment software

Intelingo is an innovative online multilingual assessment tool, designed with EAL students in mind. Intelingo determines learners’ levels of proficiency in English as Additional Language as well as their mother tongue.

  • Helps teachers and/or enrollment officers identify students’ linguistic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enables teachers to adapt teaching methods to improve learning.
  • Learning becomes more personalised and intervention strategies more targeted.
  • Records & monitors students’ progress and sets targets.

EAL students could become frustrated and despondent by the lack of English language skills. This can be a challenge both academically and socially.

What we do

We change lives

Intelingo obtains necessary data on EAL students’ performance and literacy levels in their first as well as second language. This plays a major role in finding the right placement and support which contributes to the success of the EAL students and helps them to reach their full potential.

Intelingo is an excellent solution for establishments with limited or non-existent EAL resources. Intelingo will enable teachers to monitor and support students’ linguistic progress in the English language.


Choose Your Plan

Plans built for schools of all sizes.


£49.99 /student

* Billed annually

  • Up to 20 students


£39.99 /student

* Billed annually

  • 21 - 40 students


£29.99 /student

* Billed annually

  • 41 - 100 students


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  • Unlimited students
A complete solution

EAL students and their teachers need Intelingo

Why you need Intelingo for your teachers

  • Enables the appropriate placement for EAL students.
  • Helps understand your students’ linguistic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Aids adaptation of teaching accord to individual needs.
  • Monitors student’s progress.
  • Establishes a clear language profile for each student.
  • Facilitates management of intervention strategies more accurately.
  • Helps to establish age appropriate tasks and activities.

  • Measures true linguistic competency in their first language.
  • Identifies gaps in learning.
  • Assesses appropriate placement.
  • Measures first language literacy, which could clarify students’ eligibility to take GCSE/IGCSE in their native language.
  • Monitors student’s progress.
  • Learning becomes more targeted & personalised.

  • Eliminates the need for marking.
  • Results are instantly available.
  • Students can be assessed any time from any location.
  • Saves you resources, time and money.
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